Abbey Road (Hope)


8th Born: Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 at 7:14 p.m.

Female: Tricolor and will be very heavily ticked, black.

Weighed 7.6 ounces at birth.

7-Week Weight: 7.5.6 lbs.

Hope's Pedigree


Hope is friendly and playful and not afraid to investigate anything new. Hope will be very heavily ticked--a beautiful tricolor! I would venture to say that she will fill-in mostly black along with her beautiful tri-color markings. I can not seem to get photos of her, as she is always on the move.

She is the first to try a new toy, explore something new, whatever it is--she'll try it!

She shows all the signs I love to see in a bird-dog pup. She is very bright; able to figure her way around, through, over, whatever is in her way. She is bold, loves the humans, loves to follow people, but is quite at home investigating on her own accord, also. Hope has a lovely gait and uses her nose. She is the first one out of the box and the last one back in; she has stamina and go power.

August 2008:

Hope is now, "Abbey Road" and is living a lovely puppy life, fairly close to us, in PA. Her new owners report that she is having a ball playing fetch, doing well on the lead, is full of energy and they adore her!


Latest Photos
Abbey Road Abbey
Hope 5 weeks Hope, just hanging out...
Casco - Day 1 Casco - Day 12 Hope, a tricolor puppy, at 19 days old
03/27/08: 1 day old: Weight: 7.6 oz
04/07/08: 12 days old : Weight: 1.3.2
04/14/08: 19 Days Old: Weight: 1.14.2




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